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I am a Creator...

November 16th, 2016

I am a Creator...

Have you ever wondered at how you can still create something original, and even when there are so many who think that nothing is original anymore?

Webster defines the word creator as, “one that creates, usually by bringing something new or original into being, or into view.”

When I am out with my camera, I use it to help ‘bring into view’, my inspiration, my impression, and my experience of all that I see and sense; and in most cases it is something that I have already pre-visualized and planned. I just get my gears going and drive out to find it, and again, in most cases I know already where it is.

As with anyone who has created anything, from a simple story written with words, a painting that is impressionistic to realistic, or to a fantastic sculpture made of clay or stone; the basic expression is always further refined and defined.

My creative process is very similar. The basic expression that I capture in the field using my camera, is then refined, bringing out all of the perfect details that defined my experience and my sense of it. Every expression that I create is also then original, for every individual that can see the same scene as I did, still sees it and interprets it differently; original each to their own, even in how they express or tell the story of it.

My goal of course, is to share this inspired creation, and help relate it to you in a way that, maybe you can experience it as I have.

Photography, the camera, it is simply a tool in a process of bringing into view my original creation, and therefor, I am a Creator.